Young Artists Show Their Love of Community Through Mural
6/11/2015 4:03:05 PM

This is what happens when 5 youth from the WEST END are given an opportunity to display their God given gifts and talents. This mural is not completed and the young artist are working each morning to complete the mural in which they designed first on paper, transferred to the wall at St. Francis Diner, and is now in the process of completing the painting of it.

One of the young artist is my 6th grade grandson who loves theater and art but never had an outlet to display his gift here in New Iberia. The same is true with the other young artist who have been a part of creating this stroke of love. They each have passed through the same elementary school Johnston Hopkins with my grandson being the last there,while the others will be at Anderson Middle. They each have known each other had the gift and supported each other secretly because there was no outlet for them here.

Well I am so pleased and happy that St. Francis Diner Board agreed to allow West End Council of Neighborhood Associations, Inc. to fulfill Ms. Juanita Lewis wish for the diner, and we thank SMHA (Southern Mutual Help Associations) for awarding WECNA the funding so that our WECNA Young Artist Coordinator Brandon Thomas could work with the young artist to create this masterpiece for the community.

WECNA is always working to make the community a better place to live and grow and our youth artist said this morning that they want to change the community Brick by Brick.

Pass by the diner on Hopkins Street and see what our youth can do when given the opportunity. Support WECNA in what we are trying to do, and that is make our City and Community a better place to live and grow.


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